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Electro-Lab Services, Inc. was founded in 1971 by Robert Dreier to serve the calibration, repair and service needs of local companies using industrial instrumentation. In an effort to better support the calibration and repair services, the sales department was created with a focus on new sales and replacement of existing equipment which had been found to be non repairable. Mr. Dreier's commitment to quality and service has enabled the company to prosper over the past 35 years. The recent accreditation of the laboratory by A2LA in the field of calibration further emphasizes the company's commitment to provide superior service well into the future.

Diversity has been a key factor to the success of the company. A very talented technical staff with over 80 years of combined experience in industrial electronics and instrumentation has proven to be a very valuable asset. Key areas of expertise include calibration laboratory, site calibration services, panel meter modification center, industrial instrumentation repair, test equipment sales and service, site repair services, RTD and thermocouple sales and design, small panel fabricaton, custom control engineering, and small panel design and fabrication.

As a "Meter Mod Center", the company has the capabilities to make virtually any kind of panel meter required by the customer. A large stock of digital and analog panel meters from the top manufacturers are carried in stock for quick delivery.

Repair services are available for all types of industrial electronic control and test equipment. For larger pieces of equipment, site repair services are also available. The technicians have superior troubleshooting skills and years of experience minimizing down time for customers.
Temperature is the number one industrial process variable in the world which is measured and controlled. The technical staff at Electro-Lab Services are experts in the field of temperature measurement, control, calibration, and problem solving. Working with only the top manufacturers ensures only the top quality products. Stocking several calibrations of sheathed thermocouples and RTDs means that customers who have emergency situations have a solution right now. A large selection of thermocouple wire and accessories are in stock for immediate pick up or same-day shipping. Temperature indicators, recorders, alarms, PID controllers and transmitters are on the shelf ready to get you up and running.

Several customers have unique needs for which there are not any products available to solve their problems. Whether it be custom-printed circuit-board design and fabrication, test fixtures, or small customized-process monitoring and controls, Electro-Lab has the capability to engineer solutions. Call with a description of what you need for an evaluation of the project.



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