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Threaded Bar Stock Well Assemblies

Process Connection-threaded
Lengths Available - 2-1/2" to 48"
Profile - straight or tapered
Materials - standard in 304, 316 St. Stl., other are available.

The most common type of thermowell assembly available in hex or in round with wrench flats (depending on material). A variety of heads and nipples with or without union allows you to vary the head extension length.
A tapered or straight design is suited to your process conditions to insure maximum life.

Stepped Down Well Assemblies/'Process
Connection - threaded
Length Available - 3-1/2" to 48"
Profile - 2-1/2" stepped down, for reduced tip
Materials - standard in 304, 316 St. Stl., others are available.

Stepped down wells with reduced tips provide faster response time than straight or tapered wells. Reduced tip wells are also available in flanged construction. They are popular for use with RTD's due to stem sensitivity of element.
A variety of heads and nipples with or without union allows you to vary the head extension length.

Industrial CERAMOCOUPLE Assemblies

Process Connection - threaded
Lengths Available - 2-1/2" to 75' and longer
Materials - standard 300 Series St. Stl., INCONEL 600, other are available.

CERAMOCOUPLES are a cost effective sensor where the process doesn't require a well or protection tube. The CERAMO element is welded to a double ended bushing to provide a secure leak proof connection. The bushing can be connected to any of our heads.

Bayonet Thermocouples

Calibration - standard J, also available in K, T and E
Diameter - .182"
Sheath Mat'l - 304 St. Stl.
Measuring Junction - grounded silver tip
Termination - bare ends, connector, various insulated leadwires.

Quick twist of the bayonet locking cap assures easy installation and removal. This provides positive tip contracting of the surface due to changing temperatures. A variety of mounting adapters are available for proper selection to conform with machine design.

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